Institutional Quality Asset Management for All

Our personalized investment portfolios are built for goal-driven performance through risk optimization, tax minimization, and cost efficiency. Our active asset management approach identifies investment opportunities tailored to our clients’ unique objectives and risk tolerance.

Tax Efficiency

Our tailored tax-minimization strategies can help enhance post-tax performance.

Risk Optimization

Our technology and processes align each client's risk profile with their investments.

Cost Effectiveness

Our innovative techniques can help reduce costs and optimize value for our clients.

For Discerning Investors

Tax-Aware Investing: Your Path to Growth

Tax Efficiency at the Core! As a tax-conscious asset manager, CAM builds strategies designed to help limit the impact of taxes on your investment returns. This approach aims to help boost after-tax performance and build wealth effectively over the long run.

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In addition to high-touch service and access to institutional-quality active asset management, our clients enjoy the following:

  • Bespoke portfolios built with your goals in mind
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Tax optimization strategies
  • Cost minimization techniques
  • Unique thematic investing opportunities
  • Personalized investment portfolios tailored to align with each client's distinct philosophy and values

Contacts us at [email protected] to explore personalized and cost-effective investment strategies.

For Client-Centered Advisors

Elevate Your Practice: Your Path To Growth

CAM helps you deliver more value to your clients while boosting your productivity. We support your success by simplifying your operations, expanding your offerings, and enhancing your clients’ portfolio performance through innovative and cost-effective strategies.

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We help you enrich your offerings while streamlining your daily tasks allowing you to focus on client experience and growing your practice.

  • Proposal generation, trade execution, portfolio rebalancing and active management
  • Tax and cost minimization: tax loss harvesting, asset location, direct investing, and more!
  • Performance reporting, risk analysis, account aggregation, and account transition
  • Custom innovative and risk averse investment strategies
  • Exposure to unique and thematic investments
  • Solutions to unique situations: unrealized gains and concentrated or current positions
  • Access to CIO & internal management team for you and your clients
  • Thought leadership, market insights and proprietary research

Intrigued? Contacts us at [email protected] to explore becominga Concord advisor and stay competitive in today's market.