Customized & Goal-Oriented

CAM works closely with Concord advisors to craft tailored investment strategies prioritizing clients' goals, risk optimization, after-tax performance, and cost efficiency. Our strategies enable advisors to deliver investment solutions that complement the financial plan they have constructed to meet each client's unique objectives.

Core Strategies

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) portfolios designed to align with each account's risk tolerance.

Enhanced Strategies

Individual stocks & ETFs portfolios tailored to each client's unique risk profile and objectives.

Direct Strategies

Leverage asset location to design portfolio allocations that offer tax-efficient solutions to clients' most complex scenarios.

After-Tax Performance Focus

Our customized tax strategies aim to enhance our clients' after-tax performance to help maximize returns.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

We manage capital gains and losses to help minimize yearly taxes and boost after-tax returns.

Asset Location

We place high taxable income-generating assets in tax-advantaged accounts to help generate tax-free growth.

Tax Budgeting

We transition legacy positions with low basis within each account's tax budget and overall risk strategy.

Cost-Efficiency Approach

Through innovative processes and technology, our internal asset management team aims to reduce overall costs to help enhance returns and the value you receive.

Internal Team

Save on management fees, operating costs, and third-party commissions you would typically pay brokers or fund managers.

Direct Investing

Optimize portfolios by shifting from ETFs to individual stocks and bonds to help reduce costs and improve risk management.

Low-Cost ETFs

We strive to identify ETFs with the lowest cost structures consistent with each client’s investment requirements.

Risk Optimization

Our risk management strategies aim to mitigate each portfolio's potential risks and restrictions while pursuing growth opportunities.

Portfolio Creation

Research and analysis lead to overweights and underweights amongst asset classes, sectors, and securities.

Personalized Values

We craft and implement truly personalized investment solutions that reflect our clients' personal principles and values.

Equivalent Securities

We analyze long-held securities for optimal risk alignment with model securities for longer holding periods for tax realization.


Active Investment Process

We believe if we focus on risk, returns will follow. Our active investment management process follows a top-down and bottom-up approach that identifies how to mitigate risk and take advantage of relative value compared to market indices. Our technology facilitates the efficient creation and management of portfolios tailored to various investment strategies, meeting the diverse needs of advisors and their clients.


Macroeconomic Outlook

Our process begins with an analysis of the global macroeconomic environment and concludes with probabilistic views on the direction of interest rates and which economies are best poised for investment success.


Business Cycles

Research and analysis identifies trends such as technological advances, development in pharmaceuticals, or the strength of the consumer economy. We incorporate these themes into our strategies.


Security Selection

Each security in our portfolios reflects our macroeconomic environment and sector views. We also look for idiosyncratic risks, trading flexibility, and cost efficiency.


Asset Allocation

Broad views about allocations amongst stocks and bonds, countries, currencies, and commodities form overweights and underweights at the top of our model strategies.


Sector Views

Trends shape sector views, which are then re-evaluated in terms of revenue, cost frameworks, and profitability patterns. Similarly, fixed income sectors mirror the business cycle's impact on credit.


Portfolio Construction

Diversified portfolios are built with our thoughtfully selected securities, and our technology ensures viewpoint expression, and cost minimization.