Custom Investment Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of Each and Every Client

Concord Asset Management has developed proprietary strategies through a proven and codified diligence process. As CIO, Mitch York oversees CAM’s due diligence and research process to ensure that strategy implementation and execution are aligned with each client’s individual needs. We offer a variety of investment services and strategies that empower both the advisor and the client. For advisors, we offer a way to differentiate their practice in a crowded and increasingly commoditized industry. For clients, we offer a service that meets their specific investment needs and helps to build a path to prosperity.

Asset Management Process

Our bespoke service begins with a 6-step process developed by CIO Mitch York to construct and actively manage model portfolios. The process incorporates a top-down approach that is supported by fundamental analysis and leverages state-of-the-art quantitative technology to construct portfolios.


Macro Outlook

The process begins by developing a macro-thesis based on global tides, market trends, and economic data to identify the major asset classes which meet the target objective.


Quantitative Analysis

Based on the Marco-outlook long-term capital market assumptions (CMAs) are assessed for each asset class with a proprietary blend of data points including past performance and current consensus.



CMAs and reasonable portfolio constraints are entered into our state-of-the-art technology to generate an efficient frontier. The efficient frontier is used to identify optimal asset allocations across risk tolerances.


Cross Selection

Initially models are created by selecting ETFs as placeholders for various asset classes. At this stage, ETFs and our in-house approved securities list are cross- examined to generate a direct investing solution with the optimal asset class exposures for each risk tolerance.



The portfolios are re-plotted against the efficient frontier to test for optimality and to ensure a broad exposure of expected risk and return outcomes.


Active Management

Asset classes and CMAs are reviewed and updated annually, or at the CIO’s discretion, and models are rebalanced accordingly.

Strategic Investment Models

Concord Asset Management’s (“CAM”) proprietary in-house asset management process strives to yield portfolios that are properly diversified, low cost, and tax-efficient. Additionally, CAM’s active management benefits clients with strategic rebalancing based on market conditions, enhanced tax efficiency from asset location, tax-aware rebalancing, and capital gains tax timing. Concord offers two levels of portfolio models for clients: Core Models & Enhanced Models.

Innovative Diversification

CAM applies a strategic asset allocation approach that synthesizes long-term expected asset class returns, risks, and correlations to identify optimal allocations between various types of stocks and bonds.

Customized Models

CAM can fulfill certain asset class exposures through a basket of individual stocks instead of using ETFs.

Thematic Investment Overlays

Thematic Investment Overlays enables you to invest in different themes to align your investment goals with a specific trend or principle. Concord Asset Management identifies disruptive innovation themed ETFs that utilize Artificial Intelligence or sophisticated Active Management techniques in their portfolio construction process. CAM will directly invest in these ETFs or utilize portfolio optimization techniques to replicate the ETFs and capture this exposure through individual stocks. CAM realizes clients care about socially responsible investing. By leveraging portfolio construction technology, we are able to customize your portfolio to reflect your values and preferences without sacrificing return or taking on more risk.

Disruptive Innovation Investing

Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance Investing

Socially Responsible Investing

Proactive Risk Management

Proactive Risk Management is a sophisticated hedging strategy designed to limit downside risk while still benefiting from market rallies. Concord Asset Management offers two different strategies that can be applied to any of our strategic models: constant proportion portfolio insurance (CPPI) and tail risk hedging (TRH).

Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance

Tail Risk Hedging

Taxable Account Migration Services

Concentrated positions and existing capital gains are often unmanageable roadblocks for successful client onboarding and efficient portfolio risk management. CAM’s taxable account migration service provides a custom, tax managed, and risk conscious solution to transition a client’s existing portfolio into the target portfolio.

Tax-Enhanced transition Support